Oratorio Lecturers

Dr. Jane Tylus
Freschi’s Giuditta

Jane Tylus is a Professor of Italian Studies and Comparative Literature at New York University, where she is also the Faculty Director of the Humanities Initiative. Her recent books include Reclaiming Catherine of Siena: Literature, Literacy, and the Signs of Others (2009), The Poetics of Masculinity in Early Modern Italy and Spain, co-edited with Gerry Milligan (2010), and a translation of the complete poetry of Gaspara Stampa (2010). Her monograph Siena, City of Secrets and the co-edited Cultures of Early Modern Translation (with Karen Newman) will appear in 2015. She is the General Editor for I Tatti Studies in the Italian Renaissance.


Dr. Eric Bianchi
Bassani’s Giona

Dr. Bianchi is Assistant Professor of Music at Fordham University in New York City. He received his Ph.D. from Yale University in 2011. His research explores the intellectual and scientific contexts of music during the Early Modern period, with particular focus on the musical writings of the Jesuit polymath Athanasius Kircher. He was a Rome Prize Fellow at the American Academy in Rome in 2008-2009.


Dr. Wendy Chung
Charpentier’s Mors Saülis et Jonathae

Dr. Chung is a board certified clinical geneticist with a PhD in molecular genetics. She received her MD from Cornell University and her PhD from The Rockefeller University. She is director of the clinical genetics program at Columbia University, a co-director of the molecular genetics diagnostics lab, and heads a research laboratory in the division of molecular genetics investigating the genetic bases for a variety of Mendelian and complex traits.